Be Careful When Giving Extras

We're taught to always go the extra mile. You can't go wrong with giving a customer a little extra, right? 

Well, sometimes you can. 

  • A free dessert at a restaurant can backfire if the guests are already stuffed or watching their diet. Do they eat something they don't want or reject such a nice gift?
  • An upgrade to the deluxe package at the car wash can backfire if the customer is in a hurry and finds the smell of air freshener to be sickening.
  • Upgrading an airline passenger's seat to an exit row can backfire if it separates her from the rest of her family.
Try to see things through your customer's eyes before giving your customer a little extra. And, when in doubt, ask them first. It shows you care and it might help avoid an uncomfortable situation.

This tip is probably a little out of the box, but that's what makes it fun. We would love to hear your comments or your own experiences with little extras that backfired.

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Be Careful When Giving Extras