Minding Your Telephone Manners

Because most of us conduct business by telephone, having exceptional phone manners is a key to landing sales and obtaining repeat business. The voice answering the phone represents your business. From the way we answer our phone,  to the way we hang up our phone can leave a positive first impression that  Is reinforced with a positive ending impression. Annoying things to callers include being placed on hold, not  having basic information or being ill prepared to take the call. Other failing  points include not being friendly and being brisk to get the call over with. Here are some tips for the  successful use of the telephone to conduct business.

The Greeting

If a client was standing before you at a counter, you would of course smile  and greet the customer you are about to serve. Do the same by phone and  your smile will come across the line. Try to answer the phone within three  rings. One ring is the  ultimate in customer service. Make sure you clearly  identify your business  name and your name number and call them back. If  you have to place a call on hold, make it as brief as possible.

 Handling Messages

We all have to take messages for someone else on occasion. Being a good  messenger is equally important. Messages should include the caller’s  name, the date/time of the call and a brief description of the purpose of the  call. Never assume the person you are taking a message for has the  number of the caller. Put in on the message.

 Just Good Manners

There are many basic common manners that must be exercised on the  phone. Never chew food or smack gum while on the phone. Do not engage  in conversations with others around you. Do not interrupt the caller, even if  you think you know what they are going to say. It comes off as rushing  them. Don’t make phones calls to clients before 8:00AM or after 9:00Pm  unless it is an urgent matter. Always say some form of goodbye before  gently handing up the phone.

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Minding Your Telephone Manners